Vidit Bhargava

Aspiring User Interface Designer
WWDC 2016 Student Scholarship Recipient

Recent Work

The Design Thought Process

A collection of posts on User Interface Design and the thought-process of designing new Apps for iOS, written for my blog and the App Factor.
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User Interface Design

Designed the User Interface for several iOS Applications, including LookUp, which has been subject to critical acclaim and editorial features on the App Store


"True to its name, this gorgeous dictionary defines words in style."

- App Store Editor's Notes for LookUp

"An assortment of faux postage stamps & stickers dominated by cities around the world that are beautifully illustrated."

- MacStories

"It doesn't feel like any other dictionary app for iPhone."

- Beautiful Pixels on LookUp

Logo Design

Designed the Logos and Icons for my iOS Applications and several student interest societies and cultural fests at College.

Posters and Graphic Design

Movie Buzz: Minimalist Movie Posters

The Minimalist Movie Poster project, which began life as an iOS Trivia Game is an attempt to simplify the poster of a movie with a graphic element that depicts an iconic scene or plot element from the movie.

Cultural and Technical Fests

As a part of the design team for cultural fests at NSIT and Mendoza College of Business at University of Notre Dame, I was responsible for the design of flecks, Posters, Banners and Logos for Several events held during the fests.

LookUp Word of the Day

An innovative feature for LookUp on iOS, Word of the Day aims to introduce people to new words everyday. Graphics help in understanding the word more easily and remember it for long!


As a part of a Coursera Specialisation in Interaction Design, I completed a Capstone Project for designing an iOS Application. And built a food guide to help international friends travelling to Delhi for the first time.

Awards and Honors

I'm a WWDC Student Scholarship recipient for 2016.

My App, LookUp was also part of Apple's 20Under20 App Store promotion in 2015, that highlighted apps from young developers.


Completed a Coursera Specialisation in Interaction Design, from UC San Diego. Completed the Capstone Project with an aggregate of over 95%

Currently pursuing a Specialisation in Graphics Design from California Institute of the Arts, awaiting the start of the Capstone Project later this year.

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