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LookUp: English Dictionary

LookUp is an award winning reference and learning app that enables users to learn new words through beautiful illustrations.

LookUp brings fun and interactive ways of learning words to a traditional dictionary. Word of the Day illustrations, interactive quizzes and translated meanings make it an incredibly useful app for students and non-native English learners.

LookUp Word of the Day List of Collections Liked Words LookUp Definitions

Combined with beautifully illustrated Word of the Day images and rich definitions, LookUp offers a unique and fun way of learning words for non-native English speakers.

Apart from providing an extensive definition for each dictionary word. LookUp lets users add words into different collections, allowing them to be revised later, so that users can stay on track for learning new words.

How Word of the Day scales between iPhone and iPad Adding a collection differs between iPhone and iPad Results take advantage of the larger screen on iPad Word of the Day details show more above the fold with the iPad's wider screen

The app is designed as a universal app that scales across different platforms. Notice how the iPad app isn't just a larger iPhone app.

It uses the large screen of the iPad, and it's multi-input modes to create an experience tailored for the platform.

LookUp on the Apple Watch

Word of the Day offer an evocative way to learning the words. The illustrations are easy to grasp and learn. The app delivers a new word each day.

LookUp Quizzes

Users can take quizzes on words they've added to their collections. Quizzes allow users to check their learning.

Users earn trophies at the end of a quiz, and can track their progress over time.


LookUp on macOS is designed to be a native macOS application. Feeling right at home on the Mac.

LookUp for macOS UI Shot Collections list on macOS Word of the Day details on macOS Quizzes on macOS

Apple Watch

LookUp on the Apple Watch is designed for quick interactions while maintaining the same functionality as the iOS App

LookUp on the Apple Watch

In the Quiz feature on Apple Watch, the app lets users decide after a set of three questions, if they'd like to continue taking the quiz. The quizzes too are designed for quick interactions and offer questions that can be quickly answered in a true-false / fill in the blank format.

The process of adding a collection has also been simplified. The app intelligently suggested collection names to the user based on the domain of the word they're beginning the collection with.


Scan Words is a quick way to printed words using your device's camera. Just point your phone to a word, and it scans for its definition.

The feature uses AI to intelligently understand what word the user is looking for. So it can omit certain obvious words (for example "a", "an", "the", "them", "for") and can combine words when needed (so "Costa Rica", is searched as one term and not two terms.)

Smile To Like is a fun way of interacting with the app using facial gestures. The app uses ARKit and the iPhone's TrueDepth Camera to allow users to smile to like a word!

Custom Controls

Tracking Progress in Quizzes: The User can drag over the graph to see how they've performed on a particular quiz.

Setting up Notifications: In this interaction the user can pick up the time to schedule their word of the day notification.

iPad Interactions

Trackpad Support: The app responds to the iPad Trackpad interactively, taking full advantage of the iPad's dynamic trackpad that can take the shape of a button when hovered over.

Keyboard Navigation: A custom focus ring designed to allow the user to use the keyboard to navigate through the app. The app shows a highlighted shadow beneath the selected element as the user uses arrow keys to navigate the app.


One of the most important things to me while designing my apps, is to make them accessible. The idea of Apps being great experiences for everyone is something that's incomplete without paying attention to accessibility.

Shown above are just some examples of how LookUp uses iOS' Accessibility features to create a better user experience for everyone.

State of the art

The app loves to stay in lock step with the platform. Taking advantage of the latest tech in new and unique ways to help the users.

Context Menus
Contextual Menus allow for quick access to actions throughout the app
iOS 14 Widgets
iOS 14 Widgets help users access the Word of the Day from their home screen
Siri Shortcut Support
Siri Shortcuts on iOS and watchOS help users perform complex actions through quickly
Scribble Support
Scribble allows users to use their Apple Pencil to search for words
App Clips
App Clips let users witness the LookUp learning experience without downloading the app.
Trackpad Support
Trackpad Support enables a rich and dynamic experience to users who use a trackpad with their iPads