Designed for iPad

Over the last few years, the iPad has transformed significantly from being a large touch screen device to a device that supports multiple inputs and can be used in a variety of situations. It’s changed the way people interact with their apps. A good iPad app experience is not only defined by an adaptive interface […]

Introducing Bondi

It started with a twitter thread about how people didn’t like the latest Photoshop icon, as it was a rounded rectangle compared to the square of the illustrator. I’ve always hated the aesthetic, but my latest experience with designing a macOS icon for my Catalyst app was so much fun that I decided to mock […]

Pixel Quiz January 2019

Q1. Designed by Travis Kochel, X uses the OpenType font features to create a useful utility out of a type-face. For example: Typing 50 using the X font ren- ders it into a semi circle. The reason behind creating X was to make it easier to edit a particular visualelement in graphic design software. The […]

The Laziness of the Home Tab

If you use apps and websites like I do, you’ve probably seen a “Home” tab on many them. It’s usually meant to tell the user that it’s the first screen in a number of screens. It’s where you start your navigational journey. I’ve been thinking about the name “Home”. It’s not really an intuitive name […]

Variable Fonts

Variable Fonts This is a really cool resource to play around with Variable Fonts. Not only can you adjust the font weight and width, but you can also adjust the ascenders, descenders, x-height and other more advanced settings in some of these fonts. To me the difference between Variable Fonts and Static Fonts is the […]

Pixel Quiz July 2018

Q1.When you plug your phone into a car stereo, the phone starts playing music alphabetically, this usually means that there’s one song that you’ll hear whether you want to or not. Many songs starting with the letter A have probably been ruined thanks to this quirk, but if you were to download Samir Mezrahi’s creation […]

What I want Marzipan apps to be

I’ve been observing the Marzipan* apps on Mojave for a couple of days now and there’s something that’s been nagging me. 
Design paradigms on iOS are very different from that on macOS. On iOS there’s a lot of direct manipulation involved, and so it makes sense to have animations and interactions that respect that manipulation. […]