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mvdit tech book

The mvdit tech book is an online eZine that started in 2007, as a way for students to stay updated on the latest technology. The idea is to have one source of all the technology information needed.

Over time, mvdit tech book has become a popular name amongst school quizzers across India, who find this eZine to be a great resource to prepare for quizzes and other trivia related events.

Each eZine is carefully written, edited and designed by me.

Explaining Concepts: Image of article from eZine explaining the concept of Over the Air Charging

One of the key components of the eZine is the stories that explain new, upcoming and exciting technologies through graphics and examples in a way that helps students grasp new technology more easily.

In this eZine from November 2017, I explain the concept of Over the Air wireless charging through illustrations, showing examples of upcoming products that use this technology, the challenges and hurdles involved in real world use.

Explaining Concepts: Image of article from eZine explaining about Design Dark Patterns.

In this eZine, I discuss about the popular Dark Patterns in user interface design. Notice how the headings use evocative designs that are difficult to forget.

In my opinion, it's important to educate people about how technology can be used against us or to trick us, just as much as it's important to learn about what's "new" in technology.

Ideas on Design: Designed for California

Here I talk about an observation of mine, on how so much of the technology around us, is designed for "ideal" environments.

The article explores how in-addition to being "Designed in California", designers seem to be designing their services that are best suited "for" california, and how internationalisations and inclusive design principles can be used to make devices work better for all.

Quizzes: A monthly quiz at the end of the eZine helps students prepare for trivia events.

A salient part of these eZine has always been the quizzes at the end of each edition. The quizzes are designed to help students test their tech knowledge but also serve as good, quick bites of trivia for students who are preparing for national trivia competitions like the TCS IT Wiz.

The quiz shown above shows both visual and text based questions.

The covers for the mvdit tech book get just as much care as its content. Each cover is thoughtfully designed to be visually appealing, more often than not emphasising the cover story for the issue.