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Bondi Icon Pack

The Bondi Icon pack is a macOS icon pack designed keeping in mind the aqua design theme from early macOS X versions.

The idea is to create icons that reflects the app's functionality by creating references to real world objects.

I selected a small collection of icons that I wanted to redesign for this icon pack. Some of these icons are listed below.

Adobe Illustrator Icon: A Painting on an artboard with a Paintbrush kept on top it. Adobe Photoshop Icon: Bunch of Photos with a color histogram tool at the bottom. Adobe InDesign Icon: Bunch of Magazines. Adobe Xd Icon: Wireframes connected using a Xd's Blue threads News Icon: A folded newspaper Stocks Icon: Stock Ticker Symbol TV Icon: Old style CRT television set with antenna and knobs Podcasts Icon: Podcasting Microphone with Podcasts symbol Voice Memos Icon: Recording Microphone Photos Icon: A sheaf of Instant Photos