Vidit Bhargava

User Interface and Graphic Designer, WWDC 2016 Student Scholarship Recipient

LookUp: English Dictionary

Awards and Honors

Praise for LookUp

"True to its name, this gorgeous dictionary defines words in style."

App Store Editor's Notes

"If you're in the market for a dictionary app, look no further."


"It doesn't feel like any other dictionary app for iPhone."

Beautiful Pixels

Nerd Lingo




An assortment of faux postage stamps & stickers dominated by cities around the world that are beautifully illustrated."

MacStories on Places

"All the other nerdy corporate lingo you can imagine are packed into this fun set of stickers."

MacStories on Nerd Lingo

The illustrations are charming and a perfect way to dress up your messages as you make plans for the holidays.

MacStories on Festivities


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Designing for iPhone X

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SF Pro : Understanding Features


Wireframing on Numbers

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Designing for Apple Watch

the app factor

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Designing with Accessibility