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Augmented Reality IPD Measurement

Pupilo is a prototype for an iOS Application that makes use of the iPhone's true depth camera sensor and ARKit APIs to create an Inter-pupillary measurement tool for opthalmologists.

The red dot at the top is used to grab the user's attention to one point so that the distance between the pupils can be easily measured.

IPD is a useful measurement for helping people find the right prescription glasses, the inter pupillary measurement helps the opticians to ensure that the lenses will be located in the optimum position.

A more accurate measurement could also be used to diagnose strabismus (a condition that often affects young children, in which the eyes do not properly align with each other when looking at an object).

The accuracy of measurements remains a challenge in releasing this app on the App Store.

The user looks at the red dot for a couple of seconds.
The user looks at the red dot for a couple of seconds, while the camera measures the distance of pupils from the central axis of the face
An IPD Measurement sheet showing the inter pupiliary distance, and the distance of the two eyes from their central axis
An IPD measurement sheet shows the distance between the pupils and the distance of the respective eyes from central axis.