Designed for iPad

Over the last few years, the iPad has transformed significantly from being a large touch screen device to a device that supports multiple inputs and can be used in a variety of situations. It’s changed the way people interact with their apps. A good iPad app experience is not only defined by an adaptive interface […]

Always on display on the Apple Watch Series 5

For anyone who has used the Apple Watch Series 5, the always on display is something that’s literally hard to miss. It’s an essential feature that Apple’s done well.  The watch faces elegantly fade into their dimmer versions. Not only reducing the alpha values, but also adjusting the interface so as to be entirely readable […]

Designing for iPhone X

Vidit Bhargava Over the ten years of iPhone’s existence, Apple’s star product has gone through many iterations and has changed it’s screen size and aspect ratio at least of couple of times. Each time the iPhone’s screen changed, it opened up possibilities for newer interactions and Interfaces. The iPhone X introduces multiple changes to the […]

How I use Siri

Vidit Bhargava Some time back, Walt Mossberg wrote an interesting piece for the Verge stating that Siri seems “Dumb”, the gist of that article is that in the last 5 years that Siri has existed, it has done little to improve itself and that the inconsistency of the responses drives people away from the platform. […]

One of the main reasons I keep the Clear Reminders app empty on my iPhone is just to be able to read such amazing quotes, with a swipe on my screen. I haven’t tried QuoteBook yet, but given how frequently I like reading these, I might give it a try. Also having a quote book […]