Pixel Quiz January 2019

Q1. Designed by Travis Kochel, X uses the OpenType font features to create a useful utility out of a type-face. For example: Typing 50 using the X font ren- ders it into a semi circle. The reason behind creating X was to make it easier to edit a particular visualelement in graphic design software. The […]

Pixel Quiz July 2018

Q1.When you plug your phone into a car stereo, the phone starts playing music alphabetically, this usually means that there’s one song that you’ll hear whether you want to or not. Many songs starting with the letter A have probably been ruined thanks to this quirk, but if you were to download Samir Mezrahi’s creation […]

Pixel Quiz: December 2017

Q1. “During those bubble years while the stock price was going up 30 per cent a month, we would have all-hands meetings, and I would ask employees, ‘Please do not feel 30 per cent smarter because the stock went up 30 per cent, because when it goes down 30 per cent in a month, we’d […]

Pixel Quiz: November 2017

Q1. In early 1993, Charlie Jackson and Jonathan Gay, founded FutureWave Software. The intention was to create a graphic design tool that would enable pen-input for users. And so, they released SmartSketch. However, SmartSketch was a little ahead of its time and just as pen-computing didn’t take off. However, around the time, the Internet was […]