The Laziness of the Home Tab

If you use apps and websites like I do, you’ve probably seen a “Home” tab on many them. It’s usually meant to tell the user that it’s the first screen in a number of screens. It’s where you start your navigational journey. I’ve been thinking about the name “Home”. It’s not really an intuitive name […]

Designing for iPhone X

Vidit Bhargava Over the ten years of iPhone’s existence, Apple’s star product has gone through many iterations and has changed it’s screen size and aspect ratio at least of couple of times. Each time the iPhone’s screen changed, it opened up possibilities for newer interactions and Interfaces. The iPhone X introduces multiple changes to the […]

The State of Augmented and Virtual Reality Headsets

Vidit Bhargava For the last few weeks I’ve been reading a Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Snow Crash is based on the premise of a futuristic Metaverse, an internet like platform created for a virtual reality headset. This is something that’s very close to reality at the moment, with Facebook releasing Oculus Rift And Google coming […]

Designing Pro Apps

INTRODUCTION Computers have almost always had professional applications. They’ve always been in the workplace. But with Touch Screen Tablets like the iPad there’s been a massive shift in terms of the target audience for the applications, and it’s been more in the direction of consumer friendly apps (An Image editor like Instagram) or ‘Prosumer’ applications […]